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This checklist gives you the most up-to-date tips on how to protect your health, finances, and legal rights. By this I mean, what you might not know that could be going on in any or all of these three areas.

This is for you if:

- You are recently widowed and you have no idea where your money is (or you're still married and have no idea, that's not a good thing).

- You are concerned with your health (digestion, sleep, energy, prenatal, anti-aging).

- You do not have your will nor end of life documents completed and in order yet (I know you don't think you're going to die anytime soon but let's get real how many friends do you know who passed away at an early age!)

After you print it...if you have questions, schedule a Discovery Call or Deep Dive session with me.

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Protect your assets and hard work

Be proactive with your health

Prevent costly mistakes

Create a lifestyle of your dreams

Have a coach mentor you through the detours of life

What my happy clients say


"Love how she took what happened in her life and turned it around to help others. As a lifestyle coach, she focuses on both your health and wealth sides. Rhonda has helped me and others gather their financial and health information so you are knowledgeable in advance of one of the 4 D’s (Disaster, Divorce, Diagnosis, Death) happening. Rhonda can help you on your path to a Happy, Healthy and Thriving Life!“"



"Our experience with Rhonda sharing her survival of the confusing maze of our health care system helped us understand we need to prepare for future life changing events, disturbing news. Rhonda’s trust-building approach suggested ways to protect our assets. Her presentation was top-notch from beginning to end.."

Professional Connections


"I forgot to take it (her book) with me last weekend and I had a meeting cancel this afternoon so I thought…I’ll read a chapter to two and then get back to work. Ha! Read the whole thing and just finished. Couldn’t put it down, Rhonda. OMG…what a story and what an experience! I felt like she was in the room with me reading it out loud to me. That’s how real Rhonda is.”

Business Coach

More About Rhonda

Rhonda Bolich (pronounced BOH-lish)-Lampo is a speaker, Wellness and Lifestyle Coach, and published author.

Her book titled God Winks and Miracles Happen: a story of love, faith, and hope is available on

She resides in Northern Colorado with her husband, Steve, and their dog, Niccolo.

Rhonda offers insight into how to be ready for when life throws you a curve.

She empowers you in life and in business on how to be proactive with your health,

how to prevent costly mistakes as much as possible, and how to protect your assets and hard work.

Her mantra is “If you don’t take care of your body where are you going to live.”

Being a Post Traumatic Stress survivor herself Rhonda shares her wisdom and growth.

Her clients are inspired and encouraged to prioritize their own next steps and

to plan now so you can move through life easily maneuvering through the detours.